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Custom Hardwood Lacrosse Shafts


Lacrosse Players


Quality Custom Lacrosse Shafts

A science fair project, comparing a wooden lacrosse shaft vs a metal shaft, lit the fire and passion that started HIKSTIK back in the early 2000s.  Started in a home garage, this idea has transformed into a growing business dedicated to bringing you the highest quality wooden shaft that you can get on the market today. Braden Trejo, a young entrepreneur with a love for wood and the game of lacrosse, has stepped up to take these shafts to the next level. He is excited to promote and grow the incredible game of LAX, while helping players to remember the roots of the game. Braden compares the sport of lacrosse to a tree; “You can’t possibly hope that the branches and the leaves of a tree will keep on growing higher and bigger if the roots of that same tree die. The feel of wood in a lacrosse player's hands helps them to stay connected with the roots of lacrosse, while continuing to improve their skills and abilities.”


Hikstik is a family owned, US based company dedicated to making the highest quality, customizable, hand-made wooden shafts on the market. 

Warning: Lacrosse is an inherently dangerous contact sport. You are at risk of a crippling injury or even death. Avoid dangerous play - do not use this shaft as a weapon. Shafts may break; the risk increases with improper use. If damaged, cracked, or broken, do not use. This shaft cannot be repaired.

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